Colour Up

Underwear is all about a good feeling.
 Colours, details, looks should make you smile. We want women to feel self confident and happy in what they wear. We want you to follow your moods because they will make your day. We want you to be 100% you.
Colour up and enjoy!

Max Comfort

The support is stunning and the touch almost as soft as silk. We test, wear and wash our lingerie before we produce it. That means a long and intense process of developing and adapting. We want maximum comfort. And we want quality that lasts.

Fair Fashion

We more than carefully choose the fabrics, ribbons, accessories so that they match our quality standards and expectations towards comfort. Everything is sourced and manufactured in Europe. To assure certified dyeing processes, everything is dyed in Vienna under our surveillance.

Our Categories.

triangel bra mint green pink

Triangel Bra

Our triangel bra has a comfortable fit using a supersoft yet supportive fabric.
The vivid colour combinations will keep up your mood and make you shine.

thezoo pant blue petrol pink


Our panty creates a barely there feel due to its high waist cut and the seamless legs.
With strong colourblocking and modern cuts our underwear is made to brighten up your every day life.

bralette tencel mint green ocean


Presenting our new sustainable line using the supersoft and eco friendly fabric TENCEL Modal Micro.
Soft colours meet pure comfort and a biodegradable, renewable raw materials.

Our Dessous .

thezoo will set your mood … all day long. Because YOU are you!

thezoo – 100% you: the new underwear collection in bright colourblocking design advocates body positivity and high comfort. Soft, comfortable cuts meet strong colours. thezoo translates the female empowerment movement into lingerie that supports instead of corrects and shines instead of seduces. Made for women, who love details und care about the inside.