getting ready for Impulstanz Festival

We got this fantastic chance to present our very first and brandnew collection at impulstanz festival in Vienna!

Thinking about how we could contribute to the festival and not make a merchandising event out of it we found out that two interests match. Our theme ‘inside/outside’ works very well with the workshops in the arsenal in Vienna. We like changing views, they need changing rooms.
The idea of the ‘last minute change rooms’ was born…last minute. One day before impulstanz festival 2019 started.

We realised what we have is elastics that got ruined during the dyeing process – many many meters. And we wanted to put them back to good use instead of wasting them. Also we noticed the corridors of the arsenal are shockingly white … a whiteness that is just perfect for using the colours of thezoo.

So today Leopold helped us building wooden skeletons. And then we fixed 600 meters of elastics on the outside of three little change rooms under tension. Blisters on the hand after hours…We covered all three sides very dense so no one could see what exactly happens but loose enough to see if somebody was inside. Doors are not needed as you can just bend the elastics and walk through the wall.
So if you’re late for your workshops – we’d be happy if you used the change rooms to squeeze in quickly and change!

What we didn’t know: it’s the perfect playhouse for kids – sneak in and out, play hide and seek, stretch out an arm or a leg, fall against it and bounce back…
Tired but very happy about our first spontanous presentation!

Thank you @impulstanz festival!!