underwear made out of microfibre – advantages

Sustainability is a big issue that concerns us more and more. So far we were concentrated on a fair and european production and sourcing in Europe. A big challenge since most of the lingerie supplier nowadays produce in Asia and also the bigger part of competitive dessous manufacturer are found all over Asia. Multiple problems occur with commissioning. It means you agree to inhuman working conditions that can’t be supervised from Europe, exploitation, disrespect towards women, families, the lack of social insurance, and a competition and price dumping that is more and more aggressive. That’s one part of the story where one weaker part of society pays for the richer which is a strange contradiction in itself.

microfibre materials

The other dark issue are the chemicals during the production process and after production. Toxins that were invented to make materials softer, cheaper, faster, and after all more resistant to pesticides during storage and shipping. Those toxins are not only dangerous for the environment but also for the people working with them and of course for us wearing them.

Especially thinking about underwear this is a crucial topic. Being the first layer touching our skin all day long it is a serious health issue. 

By talking to different suppliers we realised there are quite defined restrictions in Europe concerning the allowed amount of toxins in garments and the certifications that come with them. However they don’t particularly apply to imported raw materials and even if some do it is very hard to prove or monitor them. So in reality – we have no idea what we are facing with materials from abroad.

So one thing was certain from the very beginning: all materials we use will be without exception produced in Europe. At that point we didn’t know yet how challenging that would be. The second requirement to the main material was that it should last as long as somehow possible. Because the time and frequency you have worn your things is one of the main topics when it comes to fast fashion. The waste you produce and the lost effort you put it unworn clothes.

We had a picture in mind of a very light and yet effectively supporting bra without wires or padding. Cotton never provided the sufficient support especially during long term use. Also the water consumption was a disadvantage. We are always flirting with organic silk and Tencel yet still being challenged with a cut that matches our idea of support and fit.

Microfibres based on Polyamide was originally not our first material of choice until we discovered the advantages. It is able to transport moisture outwards – very important if you sweat during the day. It is breathable while being elastic and form durable at the same time – exactly the behaviour we need for a delicate area that needs efficient support on the long term. It’s a material that is highly resistant over the years, that hardly wears out or loses shape. But what really convinced us was the anti-bacterial quality of the fibre. The modified monomeres make it possible to resist certain bacterias and make it therefor attractive for intimate wear.

Having worn our bra now daily since the first day of our prototypes I’m very happy how the shape never changed and that even suffering from neurodermitis how soft and easy it feels on the skin without irritation.

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One last thing: materials are only as good as you treat them on the long term. Due to its anti-bacterial qualities a bra doesn’t need to be washed daily. Please wash your dessous only when needed at a temperature of max. 30°C using a gentle, alkaline color detergent. And never forget to put them in a washing bag – it’ll save years!