Or why we don’t use paddings or wires

We are very proud that thezoo was mentioned in this derStandard article about how Corona home office times made women get rid of their bras. Very surprising to realise how many women still suffer of uncomfortable bras trying to match somebody elses picture. What do we expect of a bra? I talked to several women and got interesting answers. Of course depending on the size and activity level a bra needs to guarantee a certain support. But then also I heard it is a layer of protection especially in a professional environment to avoid showing nipples and personal shapes. And then a lot mentioned they’d wear comfortable basics if it’s only themselves seeing it and beautiful underwear for a date or when changing in front of others. How come beauty is not above all meant for yourself and how come it seems to be contradictory to comfort?


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I remember some years ago bras were quite massive objects. Thin to thick padding, wires and all together the volume of the breast you were supposed to have. I remember it was very hot in summer and somehow I had this feeling that the cups never fit so I constantly straightened the bra. Depending on a women’s cycle boobs are bigger or smaller. So either half of the cup would be empty and open up a gap or the boobs would pop out. And I couldn’t help but thinking that my body must have a weird shape if no bra really fits.

I remember the moment when one of the sales women told me – when asking for an unpadded bra – that in my size they only have push-ups because obviously I should correct this fault. I was size 75AB.

I left the shop – of course without buying anything – and started to think about how I’d like a bra to be. Who defines too small – allright – too big? Why are women supposed to match a certain image more than themselves? And who says small boobs aren’t beautiful?

So I started to do a bit of research and found some stunnign facts. The average bra size of a european woman is Cup B, in France and Italy more towards A and up north r

ather C. But the size considered by women being the ideal size is C, so one size bigger. And that means that a majority considers its own size as not good enough.

However there is one country that did not follow the big trend of super push-ups and through all the years celebrated all kind of boobs, shapes and nipples and that is the nation of good underwear – France. French women are considered as very beautiful. I heard the reason for their beauty is because they are wearing nice underwear every day no matter who’ll see them but because they like the feeling of beautiful underwear. And that shows!

super light thezoo bra sun powder yellow

So Corona home office times allowed women to wear whatever they like. And it seems often it was: nothing. Deliberating, comfortable, easy. I agree wearing tank tops is nice. I dont agree too much on sweat pants and I really disagree on PJs all day long. Because for me it does matter how my most intimate things look and feel like even if no one can see them. I more than love hidden details, linings, bed sheets, intimate layers – those are the things that make my day, my unheard music, my mood and my smiles. All that combined with the comfort of nothing.

Back to the push-up times when the idea of thezoo was born our first concept for the bra was: light, easy cut, comfort and joy. Luckily we found the perfect material that combined a good support with a soft touch and an ultra light material. Even better than nothing, we thought. Because we like to be active, we like the feeling of a second, supportive skin. And we like a special first layer that is particularly for ourselves. Because it makes us feel good and it is this inner beauty that is seen outside!
That’s why we got rid of everything that disturbs, constricts or shapes us into someone we’re not. That’s why we care about the inside. 

light and small bra

Nice side effect: big bras don’t crowd my suitcases anymore. No need to decide anymore – a few grams more or less won’t make a difference. And even surprising for us: we heard that our bra is perfect if you wanna be ready for a spontanous swim or tan – even if not intended, some of our customers are using it as their travel bra/bikini!