we are colour – dyed in Vienna

we love colours… obviously.

Because it sets your mood for the day

because it‘s your silent music accompaning you

and because there‘s no need to stick to rules.


If you choose wisely it will boost your mood.

We know how dangerous chemicals can be for your skin so we chose not only to control the exact colour we want but also a gentle dyeing process that guarantees a skin friendly result. Because we care about your health.

We came to the conclusion that only a local dyeing company can make sure that things are going the right direction. In Vienna there is no way to use toxins in the garment industry. Neither is there a possiblity to pollute the water. Restrictions are as narrow as can be.

thezoo dyeing colours

No, it’s not natural colour. Because it can’t be.

Yes – using no colour would be better.

We’re doing our best to get as close as we can.