because we cared from the very beginning

We cared about european sourcing, about transparent supply chains, about maximum comfort aund minimal impact on the environment.

Now we are launching the green line to move one step closer to sustainability with our new fabric TENCEL™ Modal using Microtechnology.

TENCEL™ is a trademark of the Austrian Lenzing AG and needs a little more explanation. It’s not just a fabric – it’s pure luxury and the only real sustainable fabric these days.

Modal fibers from Lenzing AG are produced using an integrated process in which the raw material pulp is manufactured at the same site as the fiber itself and 100% of the raw material is used, 0% waste. Also it is a 100% vegan fibre because it is based on renewable resources available in nature. 
TENCEL™ Modal is made out of FSC certified beechwood trees sourced from around Lenzing for example from Vienna Woods. To make sure transport distances and delivery times ar ekept as short as possible almost all the wood originates either from Austria where the pulp is produced or neighbouring countries within 500km radius of the production site.

80% less greenhouse gas

Beech forests grow naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation. The pulp production is self-sufficient in terms of energy while supplying a significant amount of bioenergy for the entire fiber production at the production site. TENCEL™ Modal production causes around 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than generic modal.

The beech tree is the mother of the forests. It is exceptionally resistant towards pests and environmental pollution. Beech forests grow naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation. Growing forests enrich and restore soils and improve the ecosystem by providing fresh water, food and flood protection.

We are happy and proud to have found THE sustainable raw material here in Austria and also knitted in Austria in Vorarlberg. Extracted from European woods, spun in Austria, knitted in Austria, dyed in Austria and manufactured in Slovenia.

RECOVER. the green line