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We started the green line to move one step closer to sustainability with our new fabric TENCEL™ Modal using Microtechnology.

  • 100% vegan
  • 80% less greenhouse gas
  • soft on you
  • long life
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From the very beginning. About european sourcing, about transparent supply chains, about maximum comfort and minimal impact on the environment.

So we started the green line to move one step closer to sustainability with our new fabric TENCEL™ Modal using Microtechnology.

100% vegan

Biological materials are based on resources available in nature. Lenzing’s products are made from the renewable raw material wood. Biochemicals and materials can be extracted from wood and are therefor of botanical origin. 


Modal fibers from Lenzing are produced using an integrated production process in which the raw material pulp is manufactured at the same site as the fiber itself. 100 percent of the raw material beechwood is used. 

80% less greenhouse gas

Beech forests grow naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation. The pulp production is self-sufficient in terms of energy while supplying a significant amount of bioenergy for the entire fiber production at the production site. TENCEL™ Modal production causes around 80 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than generic modal. 

Modal is made out of FSC certified beechwood trees sourced from around Lenzing for example from Vienna Woods. In order to ensure short transport distances and short delivery times, almost all the wood originates either from Austria where the pulp is produced or neighbouring countries within a 500km radius of the production site.

because resources are finite

Circular economy means a highly efficient use of the raw material. Products last longer, and waste from one process can be used as a raw material in another process, which reduces the need for virgin resources, avoids waste, increases resource efficiency and thereby minimizes environmental impacts. 

back to earth in 120 days

The biological cycle is closed when the fibers biodegrade or are composted at their end of life. 

Modal fibers go soft on you

Micro Modal fibers are even smaller than human hair. In average a 10km fiber weighs less than 1g. That‘s why textiles using Eco Soft technology / made out of Micro Modal offer an exquisitely gentle quality that creates a barely there feel.

Recover in your first layer. 

TENCEL ™ Modal fibers naturally manage the transportation of moisture and contribute to breathable fabrics that provide a less favorable environment for bacterial growth, offering better hygienic qualities. TENCEL™ Intimate cellulosic fibers using Eco Soft technology caress your body with softness and help your skin to feel cool and dry throughout day and night.

Especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Long Life

One more aspect of sustainability. Modal fibers are known for their stability of form which stands for a long life and less waste. Products should be designed for longevity and be easy to repair and maintain.

take care of your intimates

Modal fibers can be washed from 30° to 60° C. Yet we recommend max 40° C  and mild detergent in order to preserve the soft touch of the fabric. And don‘t forget to use a mesh washing bag for all your favourite lingerie!

The future is green! Sustainable fibers provide benefits for both humans and environment.

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