colourful Underwear. Made in europe


Our slip has a low waist fit with elastics on the side and a doubled fabric.
The vivid colours combine with the whole collection.

  • 100% comfort
  • low waist cut
  • elastics on the side
  • long life
our slip


Our slip is as simple as a slip – just with no disturbing seams due to the doubled fabric and colour spots on the sides.
We’ve heard some like to wear it as a spontanous bikini bottom so we tried, too. And yes, it works. But don’t forget it’s a delicate material not designed to be treated rough.

The Mission

Underwear is all about a good feeling.
 Colours, details, looks should make you smile. We want women to feel self confident and happy in what they wear. We want you to follow your moods because they will make your day. We want you to be 100% you.

Colour up

Chosing the right colour in the morning is like listening to the perfect song in your headphones.
Colour up, mismatch and above all enjoy! It’s for your very own pleasure.

Max Comfort

The support is good and the touch almost as soft as silk. We test, wear and wash our lingerie before we produce it. That means a long and intense process of developing and adapting. We want maximum comfort. And we want quality that lasts.

Fair Fashion

We more than carefully choose the fabrics, ribbons, accessories so that they match our quality standards and expectations towards comfort. We know our european suppliers as well as our production in Slovenia so we can avoid exploitation or inhuman conditions and ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect along the chain of production.

Our Materials

All our materials are sourced in Europe to guarantee short production chains and certified non-toxic raw materials. Our silk-like microfiber fabric is produced in France, Tencel in Austria. Our elastics are made in a hidden corner in Austria and our fasteners in Germany. All dyeing processes take place in Austria.

Slow Fashion

We don’t stick to frequent seasons because our collections take time to develop. Taking time means to be able to react to the market, avoid overproduction, talk to our suppliers and guarantee quality that lasts.


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